Going Under

by Maryn Scott

When Dr. Patricia Reynolds is asked to participate in a business consortium, the last thing she expects is an invitation to be part of a new intelligence agency, LASA—The Latin American Security Agency. As Patricia finds her niche working money laundering cases, she also finds herself pulled ever closer to one of her colleagues.

Dr. Maeve Quinn shies away from relationships, always distrustful that women only want her for her wealth. But Maeve is finding it difficult to resist the allure of the enigmatic Dr. Patricia Reynolds.

Anna Flores has finished her undercover assignment and is living in Denver with her girlfriend, Peel Primm. After surviving their ordeal in Mexico, they’re just trying to live a normal life—until Anna is dragged into a LASA operation and “normal” is turned on its head.

As Patricia, Maeve, Anna and Peel are drawn into a dangerous web, they come face-to-face with everything they have to lose, and ultimately must decide what to let go and what—or who—they can’t bear to let slip through their fingers.

A follow-up to Talented Amateur.





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Genre Romantic Thriller
Length 302 pages
Publication Date October 13, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473766e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"Anna Flores was introduced in my first novel, Talented Amateur, and I really enjoyed creating her. She’s a big talker—kind of full of herself, but is easily put in her place by her girlfriend Peel Primm and their middle-aged friend Rosita.

I wanted to tell more of her story which caused me to create a different timeline for this novel. Going Under is part prequel and part sequel to Talented Amateur. It’s Anna’s story, but also Maeve’s and Patricia’s and Peel’s. I hope you enjoy it."

—Maryn Scott


Ashlee G. - This was a great book that I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a thriller with some romance on the side.

Della B. - Going Under is a mashup of three storylines which blend together to produce an exciting ending. Scott is a talented writer who can carry the reader’s interest from start to finish.

Betty H. - Going Under by Maryn Scott is an intriguing mystery and suspense novel with a good dose of angst-ridden romance mixed in.

Bonnie S. - Great read, great plot line, well thought out characters…. You will find it hard to put this book down. Wonderful, fun read.

Natalie T. - …I found this book completely engaging. I was hooked from the very beginning and loved every minute of this novel. There are three intersecting storylines, and each adds so much to the novel. Scott does an excellent job at interweaving them without it becoming confusing. …Highly recommend a read if you like a bit of crime, and I can't wait to read Maryn Scott's next novel.

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