I Dare You to Love Me

by Lori G. Matthews

Danielle Clark’s life is going according to plan. She’s in the middle of her surgical residency and she and her fiancé, Will, are the perfect match. At least that’s what everyone tells them. When Will brings home a rescue dog, it’s hard to tell who’s less enthused, Dani or her cat, Jinx. The dog wreaks havoc on the household and needs training, but who has time for that? Certainly not Dani.

In steps Kara Britton, owner of a successful kennel. When she picks up Dani’s dog for day care, sparks fly. The wrong kind of sparks. When a frazzled Dani forgets her own dog’s name, Kara is absolutely appalled.

The two women verbally spar at every opportunity, until a breathless, angry kiss rocks both their worlds. Surprised by their attraction, they make a conscious effort to keep their distance. But fickle fate and meddling friends seem to delight in throwing them together.





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Genre Romance
Length 292 pages
Publication Date December 15, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473896e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell


GCLS Goldie Awards
I Dare You to Love MeWinner, Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novels.


"I’ve only been writing for about six years, but this much I know. I love to write comedy. Situational comedy, physical comedy, verbal comedy, if it makes me laugh, I write it. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Where do you come up with this stuff?” I just shrug. I really don’t know. I see a scene in my head, and it might start out mundane, but over the course of a few hours or a few weeks, it turns into a Saturday Night Live skit. This story is chock full of comedy, but there’s more to it than just laughs. There’s also a great slow burn romance between two women who start out disliking each other and end up finding out they’re soul mates."

—Lori G. Matthews


Jessica R. - This super cute enemies-to-lovers romcom by Lori G. Matthews is funny, cute, and full of LGBT love. This book is beautiful. Highly recommend it.

Silvia M. - This book is definitely fitting the rom com bill. Light and humorous… I really enjoyed reading this book… Reading recommended.

Michael W. - I found the book funny, emotional, and an easy read.

The Lesbian Review
A breezy writing style keeps the story going forward through an amazing number of funny scenes. There are a good number of characters, including the four legged variety, and all of them are well drawn, central to the plot and romance, and often hilarious. I don’t remember ever being so supportive of characters taking forever to get together, but the author made me happy to wait because it provided more laugh out loud moments.

Michele R. - This enemies to friends to lovers romantic comedy by Lori G. Matthews was simply spectacular. The writing flowed effortlessly along with laugh out loud comedy, flirting, and bickering between the two women. Definitely a 5 star book.

Nutmeg - It has often been said that the second book is the hardest to write and for that, I would say Lori G. Matthews made this an absolute winner. The entertainment value alone made I Dare You To Love Me a solid 5 stars in my opinion. …The enemies to lovers trope never gets old and when you also throw a fiancé and a meddling bunch of (matchmaking) friends into the mix; there’s drama, sharp and witty verbal sparring, sneaky subconsciousness, sex dreams, plenty of crazy and hilarious scenarios and several wacko pets. And that’s not all, between the humour there’s tenderness too.

Patricia B. - This was a really good romantic comedy. This story had me laughing from beginning to the end, at one point I had to stop reading because I laughed so much. But I could not stop reading for long. The relationship between Danielle and Kara was a slow burn enemies to lovers relationship. I loved the addition of the animals to the plot. This made the book even more enjoyable. The supporting characters were well written and helped make this an even more interesting read. This was my first time reading this author, but it won't be my last. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family, and I look forward to what's coming next from this author.

Natalie T. - …Highly recommend if you're looking for a sapphic romance that will also make you LOL.

Lindsey C.
- A resounding 5 stars from me!! I am pretty critical of romance novels but this one checked all of the boxes! Sapphic and witty with great chemistry between Dani and Kara!

Kelly H. - …Absolutely perfect, characters you can’t help but love, a fast-paced and flawless rom-com. Dani and Kara have great chemistry, they have this love-hate relationship, which totally works. I cannot recommend enough, plus—sapphics, puppies and kittens! What’s not to love.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for I Dare You to Love Me – eBook

  1. trishla (verified owner)

    Much like the other reviews – this is a laugh out loud funny book. But the friend relationships, and, the animals added to the feelings as well. The enemies at first spark was well done, and riding the motorcycle at 12 mph – priceless!
    I loved her first book #Cassinova – read her, you’ll like her.

  2. Susanx (verified owner)

    After watching the sh*tshow required to elect a new speaker of the House of Representatives, I really needed something to make me laugh. “I Dare You To Love Me” truly did the trick! It’s a rare book that can make me laugh out loud, but IDYTLM banged on my funny-bone at least three times. The leads were appealing, and while their wild attraction to one another is meant to be a little over-the-top, they were stil well-grounded in reality. Not so for one or two of their friends, of whom there were many. But that made the book especially fun for me. I loved being in a world of close friends who accept people as they are, and having lots of dogs and cats added to the appeal of one big, whacky family. If you want a quick, lighthearted read that might make you laugh out loud, I’m betting IDYTLM is right up your alley.

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