Timber Falls

by Gerri Hill

The isolated, sleepy little village of Timber Falls—built on the bend of a swift mountain river—swells during the summer months as tourists flock to town to run the river, lured there by the Class V rapids. 

Haley Martin used to be what the locals called a “river rat”, back during the days of her college years. Now she owns the Timber Falls Bar and Grill, drawn back to the picturesque village seven years ago after the tragic death of her wife.

Lynn Carter, a disgraced LAPD detective, was offered an out—a position on a team of unorthodox FBI agents. After a month of training, she is sent out on her own without a team or a partner. 

When the gruesome murder of a college student—a river rat—sends the FBI agent to Timber Falls, Lynn has no idea what she’s about to find there. She knows she’s looking for a serial killer that’s preying on tourists.  But she has no idea that she might find some peace—and love—along the way.




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Genre Mystery
Length 246 pages
Publication Date July 14, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473926e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso

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