Birds of a Feather

by Laina Villeneuve

Adrienne Stecher has always known she’s different, and she’s fine with her place on the spectrum. She loves her job and her apartment, and she’s happy to help out her grandfather a few times a month. If she could just get the peacocks that plague his neighborhood to stop destroying his yard, she’d be set.

Native to Mississippi, Casey Knight knows beautiful when she sees it, and California is full of beauty. She appreciates everything about her college town—the weather, her job, and the majestic birds that populate her neighborhood.

Though every encounter Casey has with Adrienne seems designed to scare her away along with the birds, Casey keeps finding herself drawn back to her neighbor’s granddaughter. Adrienne is adamant that her quirks make it impossible to date, but something about her makes Casey just as certain that they could be birds of a feather.



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Genre Romance
Length 280 pages
Publication Date September 15, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474053
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"There are days where a dozen peafowl litter our front yard, so it's not a huge leap to see where the conflict of this story originated. That said, I've lived in "peacock central" for a dozen years and, until now, never included a single bird in a story. The pandemic is what offered the spark that took me to the computer to begin a story tied to the pesky birds. With so little to do, more visitors came to our neighborhood to watch the birds. We would be having dinner and see people pull up in front of our house, pop the hatchback and sit there for an hour. They also fed the birds which created A LOT of conflict for me.

Conversations in the neighborhood are often centered on the birds, and like my stress level, complaints about the visitors to our neighborhood rose. I told more than one neighbor that I was going to write a romance with one character who loved the birds and another who loathed the birds. I was going to put a gorgeous bird on the cover and put up a table to sell the book to the gawkers, telling them that I'd penned a history of the neighborhood birds. All my neighbors enthusiastically supported my pan. Bella, however, wisely went with a cover that matches the romance-themed story, so it looks like I won't be making a buck selling it to the folks who come to witness the peacocks in action."

—Laina Villeneuve


Natalie A. - I could not put this book down! As a person who is neurodivergent, this book was spot on! Thank you for creating a piece of art that speaks for a lot of us. I also work in a library so I loved that addition! Great character development and story!

Jessica R. - This book was everything. It was cute, it was funny, and it made you want to cry, in all the best ways. I loved the relationship between Adrienne and Casey. I loved the relationship between Adrienne and her pops. The relationship between Casey and Adrienne's pops. I loved the found family, the supportive friends, and the dogs. I loved everything.

Patricia B. - This story was equal parts funny and sweet in all the right places. There are some drama filled moments, especially, because of the ADHD and autism that Adrienne deals with every day. Casey to me was really well written, because you could tell that she really paid attention to Adrienne from the beginning and picked up on her unique character traits by paying attention to all the emotional, and unemotional moments that brought them together. The supporting characters were great as well and made this an even more enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family, and I look forward to what's next from this author.

D. Booker - This is the first time I’ve read a romance with a neurodivergent MC and I really liked how the entire romance unfolded. I think the “first person” narrative switch for Adrienne was a really smart decision. It gave readers the ability to proxy-experience the torrent of feelings that someone who is neurodivergent faces on a daily basis and it really gave insight into Adrienne’s thoughts and emotions. I also loved Casey’s character’s generosity of spirit and patience. Casey and Adrienne’s back and forth with all of her “unfiltered” moments were both funny and incredibly sweet.

The peacocks feature prominently in this narrative which brings out loads of funnies, but separately, I think they serve as an excellent metaphor for how quickly we can be affronted when someone does not align to a certain POV rather than take the time to understand them deeper.

This was a really cute and quirky low angst romance that kept me highly entertained.

Claire E. - I really enjoyed the story of all the main characters and how they interact together, the connection between Adrienne and Casey builds slowly before really catching fire in a realistic way, with communication that can be rare. An engaging story, well told by an author who is also neurodivergent and therefore understands what she is writing about.

Bonnie S. - Ms. Laina Villeneuve has written some books that I really enjoyed but this book is by far the best book. Characters dealing with autism and relationships, while remaining a fun read is something I could never hope to do. A Very, very wonderful read.

Kel M. - A wonderful tale of opposites attracting. Throw in a lovely grandfather and neuro divergence and we have a winner. I so enjoyed the time taken to develop each character as well as the romance.

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  1. Ameliah

    I really enjoyed this book and will be looking into other books from this author!

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