The Border Crosser

by Cindy Rizzo

The story of three teens, members of the first generation to come of age after the United States splits into two countries, continues.

When tragedy strikes Judith Braverman in the God Fearing States (GFS), Dani Fine is determined to leave the safety of home in the United Progressive Regions (UPR) and once again sneak across the border to join Judith and the new Minyan of Resistance. She’s also eager to figure out if she and Judith have any chance of making something of the attraction and pull they felt during their first, brief meeting.

Impatient for some visible act of defiance, Jeffrey Schwartz is worried that the Minyan is more focused on prayer than on actual resistance. But when the GFS president, running in a close re-election campaign against a self-proclaimed “Christian white supremacist,” vows to step up the government’s actions against the country’s Jews, the Minyan makes its move. Aided by Dani’s talents and by an unexpected, new ally from the UPR, their mission ends up placing the Resistance in grave danger.

Nothing that’s come before can prepare Judith, Dani and Jeffrey for the challenges they now face as their futures appear more and more uncertain.



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Genre Young Adult
Publication Date September 15, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474107e

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