by E. J. Noyes

Stacey Evans wants only one thing: to be the best alpine ski racer she can be. Everything else—like her sweet and ultra-supportive best friend, and hot-but-vapid girlfriend—is just a bonus. Fresh from a medal at her first Olympics, Stacey knows she can only get better and is firmly focused on the future, and totally not thinking about how she’s kind of a little in love with that sweet, ultra-supportive best friend…

Gemma Archer has had a crush on Stacey from the moment she first saw her, but being her best friend is so amazing that she’s almost managed to push that crush aside. Almost. But even if Gemma finds the courage to tell Stacey how she really feels, there’s a mountain of obstacles to overcome—like the fact that Gemma’s stepmom is Stacey’s coach (awkward) and Gemma will be going away to college in a few months. And most importantly…what if admitting how she feels ruins the best friendship she’s ever had?

Schuss brings back two beloved supporting characters from E. J. Noyes’ bestselling, award-winning novel Gold.





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Genre New Adult, Romance
Length 276 pages
Publication Date November 17, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474305e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell


GCLS Goldie Awards
Schuss — Finalist, New Adult Fiction.


"As well as being the first New Adult novel I’ve written, this is also the first friends-to-lovers trope book that I’ve created. It was an interesting concept to have two characters who were already so close as friends and so intimate with each other on that level (and also totally in love with each other in secret), but without any actual romance to begin with. Figuring out how to turn not-together into together is one of my favourite parts of writing romance, and in this case, I felt like half the hard work was already done for me. I didn’t have to convince these characters that they were perfect for each other—they already knew that. I just had to convince them to be brave enough to admit they had alllll the feelings.

One of the best things about writing Schuss, aside from spending time with characters I adore, was getting to revisit the amazingness of skiing and alpine ski racing. I LOVE skiing. There, I said it. And while I don’t think my grand declaration is news to many, it should come with a caveat—I love skiing, but I didn’t start until I was an adult who was very aware that it hurts when you hurt yourself, which means I’m decent but I’m not outstanding, and I’m often afraid. But…I still Love-with-a-capital-L skiing. I look forward to every single turn, every minute on the mountain, even if I’m wondering if this particular run will give me a case of the mental wobblies."

—E. J. Noyes


The Lesbian Review
E. J. Noyes has done it again! She’s created a book that allows you into the minds of the characters and lets you immerse yourself in the setting, so you gladly get lost in the world and have no need for rescue.

Les Bereading - ... E. J. Noyes has this way of writing characters that you get completely absorbed into. When we were left with the Gemma and Stacey cliffhanger in Gold, I was hoping we’d get their story and it was phenomenal.

Ashlee G. - Schuss is a follow-up to the story told in Gold, one of my favorites by E. J. Noyes… This was a great excuse to re-read Gold and get to know Gemma in a new light now that she's a bit older. These two are very mature for their age but also still growing up which made for some interesting interactions. I really loved revisiting Cate and Aspen and seeing them act as parental figures for both Gemma and Stacey. Throwing in Stacey's successful career as an alpine ski racer kept me entertained as she navigated the training, races, and her blossoming celebrity. I always love books by E. J. Noyes but this one was special in allowing us to get a glimpse of the future of some of our favorite characters and I'll be first in line if there are any more additions to the mix.

Karen C. - Another work of art by one of the most brilliant authors in the genre. I am not normally a fan of YA/NA, but I totally enjoyed the relationship between Stacey and Gemma. They each have been in love with each other forever but were afraid of ruining their friendship. I absolutely adored reliving my senior year in high school with Gemma, following along on Stacey's training journey, catching up with The Moms, and The Talk.

Queer A. Reviews - E. J. Noyes gives the readers a look back into Aspen and Cate’s life which is a bonus because they are two characters who readers are sure to still be asking questions about. Getting a glimpse into their way of parenting Gemma, and even Aspen’s role as Stacey’s coach opened the story up to be visible from more than the two young women’s perspectives. Schuss is a beautiful follow-up to Gold, and choosing to base it on Gemma and Stacey was genius.

Laura G. - E. J. Noyes is one of my favorite authors. One of the many things I love about her writing is how effortlessly she moves between genres so I shouldn't have been surprised that she gave us a YA/NA novel that I became totally invested in. Gold is one of my favorite books and I loved getting to see Cate and Aspen again and seeing how happy they still are. It's clear to both of them how deep Gemma and Stacy's feelings go, and they are there for the girls as they try to navigate all of the feelings they have swirling around.

E. J.'s books are usually incredibly hot but I enjoyed this book that was much more about the emotions that two young women feel and the fear that comes from those feelings. Schuss is sweet and filled with so much heart and I absolutely adored it.

Letícia U. - You can't go wrong with E. J. Noyes, and I really like that she risked writing a younger relationship. She depicted the characters really well and in a credible way. They were both really mature for their age, but I guess that makes sense giving their family relationship and the mature themes they have to deal with, with Stacey being a pro-athlete and all. I believed in them!

This is a fell good read with a bit of a slow-burn (I couldn't go through the pages fast enough until they finally kissed). I loved it!

Betty H. - This is an absolutely charming first-love, new-adult romance between characters that I had already bonded with. Seeing how they have grown and matured in the four years is a treat and watching the two struggle with their feelings for each other just melted my heart.… Schuss could be read as a standalone novel, but honestly, I think you should read both books together. They are wonderful stories, and I highly recommend them.

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