Leading Lady

by Bette Hawkins

Rebellious film director Andie McKenzie is offered career redemption when her father hands off his latest big-budget action movie to her. There’s just one catch—the film has already been cast, and Andie is less than impressed with the film’s leading lady.

Down-to-earth actress Skye Buckley is thrilled to have landed the role of her dreams, even if she’s heard some not-so-great gossip about the new director. Knowing this movie could be her big break, Skye’s trying her hardest to ignore the friction that seems present in all her encounters with the confident, artistic Andie McKenzie.

Secluded from the world while on the location shoot, Andie and Skye soon realize their initial friction has given way to something else. But with personal and professional obstacles thrown up at every turn, they’ll soon discover whether love is more important than their careers.





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Genre Romance
Length 290 pages
Publication Date April 13, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474336e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"A juicy enemies-to-lovers story set on an island paradise, a fun movie-making plot, and two characters I was in love with as soon as I conceived them. This group of ideas inspired me to write Leading Lady after a pandemic-related creative drought. I had more fun working on this than anything I’ve ever done—it was an absolute blast."

—Bette Hawkins


The Lesbian Review
Leading Lady by Bette Hawkins is a celebrity, age-gap romance set on location on a remote Fijian island. Skye and Andie are lovely women who are supported by dynamic supporting characters. I enjoyed the setting, slow burn, and dialogue. This is a perfect vacation read. So grab a copy of this book, snag a lounge chair and a mojito, and enjoy this delightful book!

Alicja M. - I was honestly completely surprised by the sheer quality of writing in Leading Lady. Judging only by the title, what I was expecting was a simple story with little depth. I was astonished to find an elegant story which didn’t fall for most (if any) tired tropes. The writing itself was serene and the plot compelling. I found myself caring not only about the main relationship, but also about the progress of moviemaking and the injustices women faced (and are still facing) in the film industry. It was also an interesting choice for the plot to be set in the 90s, though it only added to the specific mood it conveyed. To sum up, Leading Lady is a poster example for all the reasons you should not be judging a book by its cover.

Patricia B. - Really good book. Loved the main characters of Andie and Skye. Their relationship was really well written and the pacing of them becoming more than director and actor, to lovers was so refreshing… I can't say enough great things about this book without giving spoilers here. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family, and I look forward to what's next from this author.

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