Leading Lady

by Bette Hawkins

Rebellious film director Andie McKenzie is offered career redemption when her father hands off his latest big-budget action movie to her. There’s just one catch—the film has already been cast, and Andie is less than impressed with the film’s leading lady.

Down-to-earth actress Skye Buckley is thrilled to have landed the role of her dreams, even if she’s heard some not-so-great gossip about the new director. Knowing this movie could be her big break, Skye’s trying her hardest to ignore the friction that seems present in all her encounters with the confident, artistic Andie McKenzie.

Secluded from the world while on a location shoot, Andie and Skye soon realize their initial friction has given way to sparks. But with personal and professional obstacles thrown up at every turn, they’ll need to decide if love is more important than their careers.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date April 13, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474336e

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