Unusual Minds

by Tracie Hollis

As a child, Angela Mathers was the victim of a top-secret experimental program that implanted neural chips in children to correct disorders and enhance intelligence. Shunned by society, she, and others like her were locked away in camps.

Now an adult Luman, she is both brilliant and calculating. Her quest for redemption brings her to D.C. where she works to get a government bill that would free the Lumans passed into law.

Isabella Dodge works for Control, the agency tasked with tracking and imprisoning the remaining Lumans. But Isabella has one secret…She’s a Solo—an undocumented Luman who fled the camps years ago. 

When their paths cross, an innocent touch sparks something in both women. But is it love, or simply their neural programming? When Control finds out Isabella is a Solo and captures her, Angela finds her answer—she will risk everything to save Isabella, even her own freedom.



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Genre Speculative
Publication Date March 16, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474343e

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