The Missing Piece

by Kat Jackson

Order. Purpose. Predictability.

Dr. Renee Lawler organizes her life around those principles, and rarely does she stray from them. After all, they’ve brought her this far in life, where she enjoys her role as English department chair at a small but reputable New England university. She isn’t known for being lenient or a pushover; Renee very much appreciates that her academic reputation instills sparks of fear in students’ hearts.

Whether there’s room in her own heart for anything more than literature and bossing people around—truthfully, Renee hasn’t allowed herself time to discover that possibility. While she doesn’t love being described as “problematically independent,” she takes pride in how much she’s accomplished on her own.

Everything in Renee’s life is perfectly in order until one fall weekend, when her world collides with possibility and the past, setting off a tidal wave of changes even she couldn’t have predicted.

Revisit some of the characters from The Roads Left Behind Us in this new romance by Kat Jackson.



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Genre Romance
Length 250 pages
Publication Date May 18, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474459e
Editor Alissa McGowan
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell

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