The Missing Piece

by Kat Jackson

Order. Purpose. Predictability.

Dr. Renee Lawler organizes her life around those principles, and rarely does she stray from them. After all, they’ve brought her this far in life, where she enjoys her role as English department chair at a small but reputable New England university. Renee very much appreciates that her academic reputation instills sparks of fear in students’ hearts.

If there’s room in her heart for anything more than literature and controlling those around her—Renee hasn’t allowed herself the chance to discover that possibility. Her life is perfectly in order until one fall weekend, when her world collides with possibility and the past, setting off a tidal wave of changes she could have never predicted.





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Genre Romance
Length 250 pages
Publication Date May 18, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474459e
Editor Alissa McGowan
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"When I finished writing The Roads Left Behind Us, I knew I wasn’t finished with those characters. What I didn’t know was which character would start banging around in my brain, demanding her story be told.

Enter Dr. Renee Lawler, quick-tongued professor of literature and lover of high heels. She was a delight to create in Roads, and truthfully, I expected her journey would remain one-dimensional. And then, a reader on Twitter made an off-hand comment, something to the extent of: “If you ever write a short story about Dr. Renee Lawler, I’d read that” (that is definitely not a direct quote!).

And then, my brain said: “Wait a minute… How about a late bloomer book?” Thus, The Missing Piece came into creation, and Dr. Renee Lawler strutted into the spotlight in her highest of high heels and academic-sexy skirts and blazers. Her moment of glory is well-deserved; she was an absolute pleasure to write, and her journey to self-awareness is, I hope, as enjoyable as it is relatable."

—Kat Jackson


Silvia M. - …The Missing Piece is a slow burn romance that’s very well written. I like this author’s style and I enjoyed reading Renee’s self-discovery story.

Della B. - This is my first read of a Jackson novel and I am adding her to my list of authors to explore. There is a maturity and confidence in her writing which is totally engaging. Jackson’s voice is very distinctive which elevates the story being told. Both main characters could have been left as caricatures of two distinctive types of women. In Jackson’s capable hands, Renee and Hunter are fleshed out and become complex individuals. The Missing Piece is a late in life coming out story which is well written, entertaining, and enlightening. Fans of romance should not let this novel pass them by.

Henrietta B. - I loved how Jackson captured perfectly the complex character of Renee (fun: dressing up as a high-femme). And a big bonus: I had some chuckles while enjoying her journey. I would have loved more insights into Hunter and what happens on her side. It was fun to meet again some of the characters of previous books, but The Missing Piece can be read easily as a stand-alone.

Karen C - Kat Jackson's work is just a cut above. Fans of her work have already met Doctor Renee Lawler previously, a perpetual educator and scholar with no time or interest in any kind of personal life. Until she is bowled over while presenting at an academic conference. Her inner monologue as she sorts out her new attraction is a pleasure to watch. …I haven't missed a Kat Jackson masterpiece yet, and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Laura G. - …What I enjoy most about Kat Jackson's writing is she doesn't feel the need to follow the formula. Her characters are just as unconventional as their creator. Her writing is intelligent, and her characters show tremendous growth as the novel progresses. Jackson is a unique voice in the sapphic community and one who seems to improve with every book.

Jo R. - Another good read by Kat Jackson! She's becoming one of my favourite authors and I certainly look forward to future releases. I love her writing style, her enjoyable characters that always have that chemistry needed from the onset and her great storylines that capture you from the start.

Bonnie K. - I enjoyed this story and loved Kat’s writing style. I enjoyed the story very much and found Rene’s character stoic yet intriguing. However, it suited her personality very well. Going on her journey as she discovers romance was wonderful and very funny at times. Well done, Kat!! I recommend. 4 stars

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