Devil's Slide

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Are second chances enough when the world is conspiring against you?

High school best friends Rose and Dax each have a secret—they like the other in a way they shouldn’t in 1920’s Prohibition Era California. After sharing a first kiss, they’re forced apart—each sent to a different city to account for their sin.

Rose lands in the coastal tourist city of Half Moon Bay in virtual servitude, working for a distant cousin for pennies. Dax has an idyllic existence in San Francisco, living with her married sister. Then the fates change. Rose escapes and lands a job as a singer at an underground speakeasy. Dax wears out her welcome and ends up at a restaurant—in Half Moon Bay.

After nine years, their paths cross again. But is it too late? Will the lives they’ve led keep them apart? Or will Dax and Rose defy the odds and find a way to be together again?

Book One in the Speakeasy Series.





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Genre Romance, Historical
Length 298 pages
Publication Date July 13, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474466e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell


GCLS Goldie Awards
Devil’s Slide — Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice.


"Golf and alcohol typically end in one thing for me—a poor score. However, on a fun-filled Thursday in 2019, something incredible resulted. The mixture had my friends and me discussing my story for the GCLS Writing Academy and a Sierra Foothills speakeasy. By the turn, I thought what if I combined the two topics? What if The L Word and Boardwalk Empire had a baby? By the end of the round, I had the makings of a book.

Two years later, I dove in. I was stumped for a setting until I remembered the West Coast main highway for illegal liquor coming from Canadian ships during Prohibition was an hour from my California childhood home. A road trip was essential. That day in Half Moon Bay, walking up Devil’s Slide and visiting the marina shops and eateries, spawned more stories and gave birth to the Speakeasy Series.

I hope you enjoy the first leg of Rose and Dax’s journey and fall in love with the cast of characters, as I have."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


The Lesbian Review
Audio Book Review - The narrator’s breezy and dramatic reading enhances a book I already like very much. I never got the impression the narrator is reading at me but bringing me into the world of the novel. All the voices sound different and fit the personality of the character…. Dax and Rose go through a lot in their early lives and the author builds a wonderfully involved world inhabited by great and loving friends and family as well as dangerous adversaries. Their profound love and the dangerous times they live in create a great balance of sweetness and suspense. I found myself totally lost for hours in their deeply drawn world and I’m really looking forward to reading the next installment when it comes out.

S. Ballinger - What a great start to a new series. I loved both the main characters and many of the great side characters. The story was interesting and kept me reading until the end, which leaves the reader on a bit of cliffhanger. Can't wait to read the next one and hope we are not left waiting too long to see what happens next.

Cheryl W. - …Miller weaves a very entertaining historical fiction book, with several plot twists, action, and memorable characters. I highly recommend this book for Miller fans and people who enjoy historical fiction. I can’t wait for the second book in this series.

Jessica P. - I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The chemistry between the characters was well written and the dialogue even better. I learned a lot about the prohibition time and thought the history lesson was the best part. I would recommend this book to anyone but especially someone who may be hesitant to try historical fiction.

Carolyn M. - …Devil's Slide though, is phenomenally written! Emotional, exquisitely paced, and tense for almost the entirety of the tale, readers are kept on the edges of their seats, never sure how things will turn out.

Betty H. - I truly felt I was back in time as I read this book. The author creates a world that is realistic, and in many ways historically accurate. Dax and Rose very quickly wormed their way into my heart. Ms. Miller knows how to make her characters realistic and complex. Dax and Rose are a perfect example. Their tale is filled with excitement, suspense, drama, danger, heartbreak, and love. The best part is, this book is just the first in the ‘Speakeasy Series’ so we will get to read more about the adventures Dax and Rose face as they work to create a future together.

I recommend this novel if you love historical fiction, adventure, suspense, and romance.

Jo R. - Brilliant. If you are already a fan of the author, you will not be disappointed with this new book. A thrilling, historical storyline with plenty of action to mix in, surely to keep you turning the pages.

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