Hunter's Revenge

by Gerri Hill

When a seventy-one-year-old man is shot dead in his home, it seems like a random act of violence. But the hundreds of photos of Detective Tori Hunter found at the scene seem to say otherwise. And when the gun that proves to be the murder weapon in the brutal murder of Tori’s family some thirty-something years earlier is found, Tori is not only facing her past, but a massive conflict of interest.

Booted from the case, Tori finds herself going it alone, searching for answers about the long-ago murder of her family. Tori doesn’t just want justice. She wants revenge. With the help of an FBI hacker, her partner Casey O’Connor, and her wife Sam Kennedy, Hunter may finally get the revenge she’s been searching for.

Don’t miss this final chapter in the acclaimed Tori Hunter series.





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Genre Mystery
Length 276 pages
Publication Date June 15, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474473e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"I’ve been mulling over solving Tori’s family’s murders since I first wrote Hunter’s Way. I almost added it to In the Name of the Father but that would have taken away from the main storyline and I knew it needed a book of its own.

After writing 40+ books, three of them have garnered the most questions. Artist’s Dream...what was in the letters and did Cassie ever find her mother? Behind the Pine Curtain…did Kay and Jackie go back to Pine Springs to live? But mostly, I get this question: WHO KILLED TORI’S FAMILY?

In Hunter’s Revenge, you’ll finally get your answer!"

—Gerri Hill


The Lesbian Review
If you love crime thrillers then this one is for you. If you've read the previous series, then you absolutely have to read this one. This book is full of puzzles, pieces of the crime being investigated coming together and slowly getting to a conclusion. The case Tori is trying to solve is personal and the author does a fantastic job of letting the reader see how each new piece of information affects Tori. It's emotionally deep as well as thrilling which keeps you engaged and routing for our 'good guy' to keep her cool and solve the case.

Henrietta B. - …The first few chapters set the tone for the whole novel. The succinct storytelling captivated me from the start and never falters: the short chapters are staccato style and a counterpoint to the slow poking into a cold case. The characters, the dialogue, the narrative is lean, razor sharp, focused—no unnecessary embellishments and still everything is there. With a few strokes Gerri Hill conveys whole chapters of background stories. The inner struggles of Hunter are genius: how to deal with plain evil, deepest wounds and still remain on this side of good?

I have been following the Hunter series right from its start with Hunter‘s Way and think that the Hunter books are among the best stories Hill ever narrated—and that says a lot about this accomplished author who rightfully has been accumulating accolades for the past decades. I love the complex character Gerri Hill has created in Tori Hunter: The maverick detective who is good people though deeply wounded. Her slow journey and evolution. How Hunter despite her at times abrasive manner attracts the help and love of other good people and this presumably last book in the Hunter series comes full circle to close old investigations and old wounds.

If you must this book can be read as a stand-alone. For greater enjoyment take the journey of Tori Hunter starting with Hunter‘s Way, meet her wife Sam, her friends and enjoy the ride.

Women Using Words
Hill brings it all together for Tori in book five of this series in ways only a skilled storyteller can. Readers will no doubt appreciate the depth she brings to Hunter’s story. Hunter’s Revenge is a first-rate piece of storytelling and I guarantee Hunter fans will not be disappointed.

Patricia B. - Such a great ending to one of this genre’s most beloved series.

Betty H. - …I hate knowing this is the last Hunter book Ms. Hill plans to write, but if the series has to end, this is the perfect novel to end it with. If you’re a Hunter fan, you don’t want to miss this book.

Denise J. - As always, Hill does a fantastic job of weaving the reader through a multi-layered path into a beautiful meadow of a perfectly told story.

Anne M. - …These are all the things we expect from Ms Hill. Tight plotting, discreet clue dropping, and beautifully drawn relationships. There’s a lot of angst and guilt as the bodies pile up but Hunter knows she has to see this through—no matter what the outcome. The ending is satisfying and not quite what is expected and yet it makes sense. I do hope we get more of Hunter and her little family but if not, this is a nice finish.

Natalie T. - I could wax on and on about this novel, but I won’t. If you’ve yet to read this series, crack on with it now. It is brilliant.

Jo R. - Entertaining, a real page-turner. Hunters Revenge, the next instalment to the Tori Hunter series, is absolutely a fantastic crime/thriller/mystery novel. Fast-paced and keeps you guessing till the end. Can not recommend the Tori Hunter series enough

Bonnie S. - …I enjoyed this book so much that now I feel compelled to go back and reread this series from the start. If you’re a fan you already know this book is another read. Great characters and as always, a good plot make this one of my favorites. Very, Very Enjoyable read.

Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Hunter’s Revenge – eBook

  1. Dellab

    The much lauded and acclaimed writer Gerri Hill resumes her powerhouse series which started five years into her writing career. The perfect replication of tone and cadence of the earlier novels pulls you in from the very first sentence. You are back once again in Hunter’s life. The search for her family’s killer takes you through the darkest side of Tori’s personality and yet you never lose sight of her inherent goodness. 

    Eighteen years ago Hill created a character harbouring a deeply tortured soul with a steadfast sense of right and wrong. As a reader, empathizing and admiring Tori goes hand in hand. As a fan of Hill’s I could not have been more entertained reading Hunter’s Revenge.

    Hunter’s Revenge is everything you could hope for in the continuation of her story.

  2. SAFoster09 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. I loved all the previous Hunter books and this one didn’t disappoint. It was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone that likes Gerri Hill. I am sorry to hear that this will be the last of this series. But anything that Gerri puts out will be worth the wait. I’ve read everything that she’s published. Can’t wait for her next one !!

  3. Ragdollprof

    Ms. Hill has filled this book with plenty of suspense and murder in addition to police corruption. We are witness to very deep emotions which tear Tori apart at times. It is a fast-paced thriller and readers of this series will finally get some answers which they have anxiously waited for over the years. Since this is a multiple books series, I recommend readers read the first 4 books to enable them to understand the cases and the characters.

    Hunter’s Revenge is a very good book which will surely keep your interest.

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