Curious Minds

by Rachel Gold

A group of LGBTQ+ college students find themselves, and a whole lot of trouble, as they search for a retired professor’s hidden, immensely valuable coin collection. Clues come from decoding classic lesbian and sapphic books—but in six years no one has found the treasure.

Second-generation lesbian Maze Lister planned to skip the treasure hunt. She’s read all the books—they’re in her moms’ library—and doesn’t need the money. But a late night spent with charismatic athlete Lys Neil changes her mind. The two of them bond over their neurodivergent minds, even though they handle their ADHD in sharply different ways.

Maze and Lys decide to compete in the treasure hunt together, but chance puts them on competing teams within a group of students just as determined as they are—and willing to bend the rules. Secret teams form, accusations fly, and everyone starts to learn much more about themselves than they bargained for. Can they decode the stories and find the prize before a malevolent classmate turns them against each other and takes the treasure for herself?



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Genre New Adult
Length 274 pages
Publication Date April 13, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474497
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"I’m fascinated by how people relate to each other—not only in romance. In Curious Minds, Maze and Lys have fallen in love, with one of the connection points being their shared ADHD experiences. But the friendship between Maze and Sophi really opened up as I got further into the novel. Black, queer and Autistic, Sophi isn’t who a lot of us first picture when we think about Autism, but she should be. She gets her own romance in this novel, but I won’t spoiler you with details."

—Rachel Gold


Jasmine S. - A literary treasure hunt you'll treasure!

Maze and Lys are college students who take part in the annual literary queer treasure hunt, rumored to have a major prize at the end that no one in six years has found. The cool thing about this story is how it addresses accommodations for physical injuries and neurodivergence and intersectionality in the learning environment. All while telling a story about community with a romantic undertone.

Della B. - …Curious Minds makes the reader work hard throughout to keep pace with the main characters as they ferret out the clues. While Gold gives the reader an intriguing story, she also conducts a mini master class on neurodivergence thought processes. I, for one, am appreciative of both aspects of the novel and throw down a challenge to others to take your curiosity out for a run.

The Lesbian Review
...All of the characters are very intelligent, but the author gives everyone a distinctive voice. Their conversations, even the argument, were entertaining and enlightening.

Kaylee K. - Curious Minds is fun, clever, and offers a fantastic perspective on neurodivergence in a university setting.

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