by Alyssa Rabil

There’s a rip in the dimension somewhere that allows otherworldly beings to cross over to earth, and it’s the Black family business to trap and kill these creatures before they can cause any harm. Andy Black loves being in the family business. But when she goes to a job expecting to find a dead angel and instead finds a very alive—and very angry one, Andy’s world is flipped on its axis.

Oriana is used to human cruelty and learned long ago not to trust any of them. Half-human, half-angel, she’s been held captive by a trapper for most of her life. Now that she’s escaped, she finds herself held by more humans. But the unexpected kindness of the Black family, and from one member in particular, brings Oriana’s human instincts to the surface.

When their worlds collide without warning, Andy and Oriana must work together to move forward—and conquer the monsters that haunt them.





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Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 220 pages
Publication Date September 14, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474589e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"Fallen began as fanfiction. Frustrated by queerbaiting in many TV shows, the author wanted to write a love story where the characters actually end up together. The characters were inspired by the Captain Kirk and Spock dynamic. Oriana believes she is a monster because she is inhuman. She is steadfast, though a bit naive. Andy kills monsters. That's always been her job. Both women are stubborn and subconsciously looking for a change in their lives. Ultimately, change finds them and they must prove they're strong enough to survive it."

—Alyssa Rabil


Cathie W. - Fantastic paranormal fiction about angels, demons, and humans that hunt those that are considered evil.

Rubi C. - Fallen by Alyssa Rabi was an interesting and and enjoyable story....The writer has the ability to describe the story in such a way I can picture it as I get swept along. A fun paranormal fiction that is a well-written, remarkable adventure. A great read about demons, angels, with humans. It was a lot of fun.

Sam B. - You can never go wrong with a story about love between angels and demons. Rabil does an excellent job of creating full characters in an ever-twisting world. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Victorica C. - Paranormal sapphic angel/demon romance? Sign me up! This book offers romance, redemption, and fantasy creatures. I am a huge fan of Demon Angel stories, and this was no exception. My favorite part of the story was definitely the romance; the development of healing and love that happened was a perfect balance.

Reading with Rose A. - Fallen weaves a compelling narrative, seamlessly merging the supernatural with heartfelt human connections.

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  1. jenkies81

    Short, but a good read

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