The Heart of the Banshee

by Carolyn Elizabeth

Haunted by a vengeful past, Captain Branna Kelly embarks on a redemption quest with the Banshee’s new officer, Julia Farrow. They face a dangerous mission in a neighboring port, battling the merciless Ferryman and its captain, Isaac Shaw. When Julia proves herself in combat, her prowess stirs both pride and concern in Branna.

But their fiercest challenge isn’t their enemies—it’s the growing love between them. Ghosts from Branna’s past and Julia’s mysterious behavior weave a web of mistrust. Both love and loyalty are tested as Captain Kelly and Julia Farrow navigate treacherous waters—where their greatest threat may lie within.

Don’t miss this highly anticipated, swashbuckling sequel to The Raven and the Banshee.





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Genre Romance, Historical
Length 224 pages
Publication Date October 12, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474596e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"The siren song of writing more of the adventures of my two favorite 18th century Sapphic pirates aboard the Banshee could not be ignored and I am thrilled to share with you Branna and Julia's next action-packed tale of romantic and heroic exploits.

It's not all lady pirates enjoying another lady's lady parts, mind you. This story is fraught with peril and drama as Julia taps into her inner swashbuckler and Branna wades out into the tempestuous waters of emotional maturity.

Genevieve and Gus, Jack and Merri, Nat, and some new faces all have their part to play as Captain Kelly and the crew of the Banshee take on Captain Shaw and the Ferryman in a battle of wits and wills—until they need to get stabby.

And because I forgot to mention it in the acknowledgments, my wee short story At Word's Point, available only from Bella Books, slots in the timeline right around the early pages of this story. It's not necessary to read first—or at all—but you should read it because it's cute and fun and costs, like, a buck.

There can be more Banshee adventures. Just let me know."

—Carolyn Elizabeth


Women Using Words
If you’re a sapphic reader with a love for action and adventure, then you’ll find something incredibly captivating about Carolyn Elizabeth’s The Heart of the Banshee. From the swashbuckling action on the high seas to the spirited camaraderie of the close-knit sailing crew, Elizabeth’s latest tale has a way of drawing readers in and keeping them hooked until the very last page.

Caitlin E. - I really enjoyed this fun pirate adventure! Carolyn Elizabeth is one of my favorite authors. When I had read her free short story At Words Point, I was ecstatic that it was being made into a full-fledged novel. The first book, The Raven and the Banshee was a good fun pirate story and this is just as good.

Leigh M. - …This romance was very well written, the bond between Captain Branna Kelly and Julia Farrow felt so real and emotional. I loved seeing how they dealt with the difficulties they had to face throughout the story. The book was gripping and kept me interested until the end. I would love to read more of Carolyn Elizabeth's work in the future.

Betty H. - Carolyn Elizabeth certainly knows how to create adventure filled, swashbuckling pirate tales! These stories are chock full of action, danger, and suspense, introducing us to characters that we will either fall in love with, or hate with equal passion.

Della B. - …If the high seas call to you, then The Heart of the Banshee should be your next port of call.

The Lesbian Review
The cast of characters is diverse and the adventures are scary, bloody and thrilling, as a reader would expect from a tale of eighteenth century high seas adventure.

Natalie T. - Carolyn Elizabeth crafts an enthralling sequel that is full of adventure and seasoned with the complexities of love and leadership.

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