For a Lifetime

by Valerie Kapp

After suffering injuries while rescuing her niece in a devastating fire, High School Principal Renata Santos has convinced herself that love is something she’ll never experience again. Her self-esteem and self-image in tatters, she buries herself in her work.

Brianna Walsh hasn’t believed in love for ages. She’s spent years growing her Virtual Reality company and is eager to see her system implemented in a high school looking to improve their STEM test scores. She didn’t expect to feel such an attraction to the high school principal. And Renata can’t quite believe how her body and mind is awakened to the possibility of Brianna’s touch.

But the journey is emotional, and both women must decide whether to let go of the past before they can start the rest of their lives—together.





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Genre Romance
Length 254 pages
Publication Date August 17, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474619e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"My journey as an author began after reading hundreds of lesbian romance novels and listening to lesbian romance audiobooks. One day while driving home from work, it occurred to me that most of the characters were young and rarely older lesbians. Older meaning, like me, in their sixties.

I kept with settings familiar to me and incorporated character traits of people I encountered in my everyday life.

As an attempt to become an author, integrating settings and traits I was familiar with provided a comfort factor to expand the character and story development.

Thankfully, Bella Books took a chance on a new author and provided valuable assistance to enhance the story of two women’s emotional journey to decide whether to let go of the past so they can start the rest of their lives together."

—Valerie Kapp


The Lesbian Review
The writing in this book is lovely. The author invoked emotions with her words. The way Kapp developed the main characters was believable and never rushed.

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