An Acquired Taste

by Cheri Ritz

When Elle Bissett agrees to go on a televised celebrity cooking competition, she’s expecting to get some television face time, not go head-to-head with Ashley Castle, an acting rival from her youth. If she could only keep her focus on the recipes instead of getting distracted by Ashley’s piercing blue eyes, she should have no problem earning the title of Celebrity Cook Off Champion.

For Ashley Castle, appearing on the cooking competition show is a surefire way for her to earn the homemaker cred she desperately needs—at least according to her agent. The fanbase of her reality show, Queen of the Castle, has been waning steadily since her divorce. The only problem is, she doesn’t know how to cook. It doesn’t help that Elle Bissett keeps dazzling her with something more than those mad kitchen skills she keeps showing off. If she could just find a way to focus, she might stand a chance.

What’s a few swapped recipes between former child stars?





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Genre Romance
Length 206 pages
Publication Date July 13, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474626e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



"I love baking and cooking competition shows—the creativity, the pressure, the delicious looking results! Add some celebrities from favorite television shows of the aughts, and we’re really cooking with gas! That was my starting point for An Acquired Taste. I imagined a lot of those young stars ran in the same social circles back in the day, but I wondered if those relationships—and possibly rivalries—carried forward into adulthood. What if years later two of those celebrities and former rivals made a push to jump-start their stalled careers by going on a cooking competition show and ended up facing off again? Could an old rival actually become…An Acquired Taste?"

—Cheri Ritz


The Lesbian Review
An Acquired Taste is very cute! I appreciated how sweet the romance is and I enjoyed spending time with these characters and watching them fall in love.

Silvia M. - …A nice, light summer read, I enjoyed this.

Cathy W. - This is the first time I've read a book by Cheri Ritz, and I wasn't disappointed. …This book was cute, with some funny moments. I found once started, it was difficult to put down, 'Just one more chapter' comes to mind.

Kaye C. - This is a fun light read that is perfect for a summer day.

Nutmeg - …The cooking in the book made me itch to start prepping, creating, cooking and eating. The visuals you get in your mind’s eyes while Elle brought Ashley on a culinary learning journey were such a plus that you can literally smell and taste the food and of them falling in love. I thoroughly enjoyed the read as the book has the same satisfying end akin to a good meal that leaves you feeling upbeat, wholesome and all around happy.

Jasmine S. - I love queer reality TV novels, and this is a great addition to the list!

Bonnie S. - …Ms Ritz has brought together two women that you will find yourself rooting for. Great characters and great supporting cast has made this a very entertaining read. Very, very good.

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