Love Among the Ruins

by Catherine Maiorisi

Romance writer Calliope DeAndre’s heart was buried with her wife, Abby. And plagued by anxiety attacks, Callie hasn’t left her house since Abby’s funeral. Now on the year anniversary of Abby’s death, Callie’s friend gives her an envelope that says, “For Callie, if she’s still mourning me after a year.” The letter talks about their love and basically says, “get your ass out there and live.”

Callie’s publisher is pressuring her for the travel romantic suspense she contracted to write before Abby got sick. But her writing process requires experiencing the thirty-day Romantic Italy tour leaving in two weeks. Stepping out of the house is impossible. How is she supposed to go to Italy alone? Encouraged by her friends but hoping the tour is fully booked, Callie calls and is told “we just received a cancellation.”

Dana Wittman’s heart is broken when she discovers the plot to oust her from the multi-million-dollar firm she built. Then her heart is shredded by her girlfriend Sandy who, thinking Dana is broke, dumps her. Now Dana’s planned surprise for Sandy, the Romantic Italy tour ending with a proposal, is no longer an option. So just two weeks before their scheduled departure Dana cancels Sandy’s reservation but decides to go on the tour alone.

The first morning of the tour, Dana helps Callie through an anxiety attack. Callie wants to leave. Dana promises to be there for her if she stays. Callie feels safe with Dana, and Dana enjoys helping her. As the month progresses, their friendship and their feelings grow. Callie feels guilty for caring for someone other than Abby. Dana’s damaged ego doesn’t trust that she’s lovable. Will they allow themselves to love?



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Genre Romance
Publication Date June 15, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474640e

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