Integrity: Halcyon Division

by E. J. Noyes

It’s an ordinary workday when intelligence analyst Lexie Martin learns about a horrific chemical weapon attack abroad. Just an ordinary day…until a stranger breaks into her house and warns her to forget what she saw and heard, setting off a chain of events Lexie thought only happened in movies. Falsely accused of stealing intelligence and unsure of who to trust, Lexie quickly realizes the significance of the intel, and that she must do everything she can to keep it safe. And as she runs—maybe for her life—Lexie knows she needs something, or someone, to help her.

There’s a place for truths and lies, and sometimes you need both to get what you want. Lexie convinces the woman she’s only just started dating to “go on vacation” with her, hoping a constant companion and witness will keep Them at a distance, and the intel safe. But when she develops feelings for the beautiful and sweet Sophia Flores, she wonders if a relationship built on a foundation of secrets can ever work. That might not even matter, because when Lexie uncovers the truth, the price of it could be her freedom.

Book One in the Halcyon Division Series.



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Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 286 pages
Publication Date May 18, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474657e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell

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