by E. J. Noyes

Last month, intelligence analyst Lexie Martin found out a secret that could ruin lives. After a week on the run from her own government with her maybe-almost girlfriend, Sophia Flores, Lexie was forced to turn herself in and accept her punishment. But that punishment never came…

Aside from Lexie’s confusion about the whys of her release, things seem to be okay—she’s free, back at work, and is officially dating Sophia, which is way better than just okay. But when you embarrass the most powerful man in the country, you risk incurring his petty wrath, and when Lexie is reassigned back into a field position in a hostile country, she’s sure it’s retaliation for knowing the truth and that the president is going to leverage what Lexie did to keep her in line.

Now Lexie has a new mission. Make it home to the woman she loves.

Book Two in the Halcyon Division Series.





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Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 290 pages
Publication Date November 16, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474978e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell


GCLS Goldie Awards
Leverage — Finalist, General Fiction and Ann Bannon Popular Choice.


"Leverage is the second book in the three-book Halcyon Division series, and its role, like all books in a series, is to further the plot, and also to set up things for the next book. And even though, as I was deep in the throes of creation, I knew exactly where Leverage needed to go, I spent many hours second-guessing myself. Is it too slow? Is it too long? Do I need to add more? Do I need less? Should I have this happen? Should I not have this happen?

I mean, those sorts of questions are all fairly standard when writing, but they felt amplified this time, which is how I knew I was invested in, and certain about, what I was writing—an amazing self-confidence boost in a world full of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. So, while I ask you to trust me, I’m also asking me to trust me too because I know Leverage is exactly what it needs to be." To read more about E. J.'s thoughts please visit Author's Corner Blog.

—E. J. Noyes


The Lesbian Review
It’s clever, funny, and sweet. It deals with hard topics, but the author does a brilliant job of lightening the mood through witty dialogue, and humorous anecdotes.

Jill H. - Well this is simply outstanding! It's a very different book from all of the author's previous books, and I should know... I've read them all, enjoyed them all, but the writing here outdoes any previous work. It's so damned clever. This is the second in the latest series, following on from Integrity. Same characters, more disclosures, and much more depth in the storyline.

Women Using Words
It’s pure Noyes storytelling, and fans won’t want it to end!

Michele R. - …The storytelling by Noyes was spectacular and had me on the edge of my seat while reading several parts of the book. …I am continually surprised at the breadth of Noyes book offerings and diverse storytelling ability. She has grown to be one of my favorite authors.

Les B. - …E.J. Noyes’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. Can’t say much without giving a lot away so I’ll leave it at if you haven’t read Integrity, go now, and then on 11/16 pick this up. No idea how I’m going to wait until May for Loyalty, but wish me luck.

Shimere A. - Noyes weaves an intricate plot, filled with suspense and political intrigue. The chemistry between Lexie and Sophia is electric, adding emotion to the story. …The narrative is fast paced, with unexpected twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats. …One of the strengths of Leverage is Noyes' ability to create well-developed characters with genuine emotions.

Betty H. - …The characters play a major part in making this a wonderful narrative. Ms. Noyes has created a cast of unforgettable people, from crooked politicians, secretive intelligence agents, to Lexie and Sophia. These two women make a wonderful couple. I really fell in love with Lexie, and I know you will too. Leverage has my highest recommendation.

Carol C. - Ms. Noyes once again delivers us a balanced storyline that contributes to a winning reading experience that will appeal to fans of both romance and suspense genres.

Sophie - Wonderful snarky dark humour, an intriguing storyline and complex characters that pull at your heart strings make for compelling reading.

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