In Bloom

by Kat Jackson

Nicole Callahan is certain she has endured the worst heartbreak possible. Some days, she’s not sure how she got through it. Other days, she thinks she’s still in it, so she’s in no rush to find a new relationship. Nicole’s happy by herself, mostly, but sometimes worries that if she doesn’t put herself out there, the right woman will pass her by.

According to Avery Pullman, love is a disaster waiting to happen. She has loved and lost more times than she would like to admit, and her last relationship did nothing but leave fresh wounds on her heart. She’d rather get scarred from the thorns in her flower shop than subject herself to another shot at true love—which probably doesn’t exist, anyway.

The walls Nicole and Avery have built to protect themselves are high and strong. But not even towering concrete walls can shield them from the tiny spark that takes root the moment their eyes meet. It’s a spark neither expected, nor wanted—because if Nicole and Avery pull their walls down to let feelings in, they may have to face the truth that they have never really known love before.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date October 12, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474992e

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