Out There

by Iris Eliot

Catherine Des Lauriers thinks a sleepy town like Maple Springs is the perfect place to hide from your cheating ex—after all, it’s about as far from Paris as she can get. If not for the infuriating Country Music Fest, it’d be perfect.

Famous country singer Jesse Morgan is enjoying some downtime from the festival where she’s the main attraction when she encounters a grumpy, but charming, French woman who thinks a Jesse Morgan festival is ridiculous.

Catherine gets the shock of her life when she realizes the adorable creature she was grumbling to is in fact Jesse herself. As they start spending time together, Catherine comes to realize just how hard it is to resist Jesse Morgan. But with Catherine’s job prospects in France and Jesse’s demanding tour schedule, how can they make it work?



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Genre Romance
Publication Date February 15, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475135e

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