Season of Eclipse

by Terry Wolverton

After a chance encounter with terrorism at JFK leaves her snapping photos instead of fleeing, celebrated novelist Marielle finds herself thrust into the Witness Protection program—stripped of her vibrant life and identity.

With only her cat for company, Marielle plans her comeback with a sensational novel—until she discovers a fraudulent “posthumous” book bearing her name. Breaking cover, Marielle embarks on a perilous quest for truth, enlisting the aid of an eclectic crew including a young musician, Buddhist monks, and her stalwart ex-lover, Fresh.

Against all odds, Marielle is determined to reclaim her name and her life in this thrilling story of courage, identity, and resilience.



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Genre Thriller
Length 292 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475142
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Melodie Pond



"I grew up in Detroit, so the geography and the cultural vibe are baked into me. Detroit fascinates me, its near collapse in the 1990s and 2000s, and the multiple visions for its resurrection. There’s a feistiness and inventiveness to the city I still admire. I see a parallel between Detroit and Marielle’s story—losing everything, having to figure out what’s worth preserving, and fighting to come back re-formed."

—Terry Wolverton


“With more twists and turns than a coiled snake, Season of Eclipse is also a deep examination of who we are and what happens to us when we can't be the person we thought we were. Both make this thriller hard to put down.” — J.M. Redmann, the Micky Knight mystery series

“Plucked out of her own life and plunged into witness-protection-program obscurity, Marielle Wing has the guts to activate her ire and her creative imagination to try to win back her name, all while discovering some rough truths about the life she left behind. She does this with the aid of one of the most deliciously irksome young women ever to appear on the page: Tuna, who might bring Marielle to new life if she doesn’t kill her first. Terry Wolverton’s Season of Eclipse is a fun and subversively serious novel about finding yourself while losing yourself, in spite of yourself.” –David Groff, author of Live in Suspense

“Terry Wolverton's Season of Eclipse is a wild ride of a thriller, with a protagonist who's as lovable as she is flawed. Marielle Wing witnesses a bombing and then is forced to go into hiding, with several ensuing changes of location and identity. Who is a friend and who is a foe? We don't know until the exciting conclusion. Rooting for them all the way, we follow Marielle and her cat Dude through a maze of danger and conspiracy. Don't begin reading this book in the evening unless you plan to stay up all night!” — Alice Bloch, Mother/Daughter Banquet

“A page turning thriller from award winning author Terry Wolverton. A terrorist event changes novelist Marielle’s life and outlook forever as she finds wisdom and help in unexpected places.” — Katherine Rupley, author, Antarctica

Season of Eclipse is a thrill ride through the trust-no-one aftermath of a terrorist attack, and a meditation on the nature of self. Reading this novel is at once a shot of adrenaline and a deep, cleansing breath.” — Cheryl E. Klein, author, Crybaby: Infertility, Illness, and Other Things That Were Not the End of the World

“Who is Marielle Wing, and how does she stay ahead of an enemy that knows her every move and mistake? And as fragile relationships hang in the balance and close alliances shift, Marielle must test the limits of what she’s capable of to find the truth. This thrilling novel is one that you can't wait to find out what happens next, and yet, also want to read slowly and savor the delicious sentences. Will Marielle survive?” — Kathleen Brady, author, Language of Light

“Marielle Wing’s journey reminds us that in a world where the worst of humanity is perpetually on display, the best is just as possible. A single act of violence can send your life spinning out of control. Strangers may take you in and bind your wounds, help make you whole again.” — Bronwyn Mauldin, author, Love Songs of the Revolution

“Imagine everything about who you are is erased overnight? Your name, home, career, friends family – poof! Gone! This is exactly what happens to novelist and protagonist Marielle Wing after she witnesses a bombing at JFK airport and snaps a photo of one of the fleeing suspects. In short order, she is whisked by Homeland Security into Witness Protection against her will. Her obituary in the New York Times seals her fate. A suspenseful, moody, sharply layered story, Wolverton’s thrilling Season of Eclipse is also a meditation on identity and breathtaking transformation.” – Elise D’Haene, author, Licking Our Wounds

It’s the perfect thriller for readers who have a familiarity with the  publishing industry, with plenty of familiar thriller tropes and coincidences recalibrated to fit the scale of a frustrated novelist’s life. It’s an offbeat premise, to be sure, and Wolverton manages to deliver across the board. A literary airport novel that flies its readers to unexpected destinations.-Kirkus Reviews

booklife Reviews
Acclaimed novelist Marielle Wing finds herself caught up in the hustle and bustle of JFK airport after an exhausting weekend spent at a PEN America event, ready to catch a flight home to Los Angeles—and her beloved cat, Dude. As she wanders through airport security, she’s swept into a nightmare when a terrorist bomb strikes. Instead of running, as others do, Marielle snaps pictures of the madness and men—one dressed as a police officer, who immediately takes her phone as “evidence” but neglects to leave her his name. A day later, when someone tries to kill Marielle via an explosion at her Los Angeles address, Homeland Security sweeps in to take over.

That’s just the beginning of Marielle’s troubles, as Homeland Security soon determines she’s in danger and whisks her into the Witness Security Program, altering her identity—and publishing her obituary in the New York Times. Utterly alone and unsure of what the future holds, Marielle starts to wonder who she can trust, including the government officials supposedly looking out for her best interests. Wolverton (Stealing Angel) skillfully crafts Marielle's downfall from a lovely life spent working on her latest novel to a woman at wit’s end with no one to turn to, a transformation that’s made all the more unreal when Marielle notices her publisher advertising her latest novel, posthumously of course—a novel Marielle is adamant she didn’t write.

Readers will sympathize with Marielle as she’s whisked into what feels like a fiction novel—but ends up being her own life—and cheer her on in the hunt for the truth. When the lid finally blows off completely, Marielle is left to pick up the pieces, wondering if the real “Marielle Wing was [ever] coming back.” Ultimately, the experience, though terrifying, allows her to view life differently, “meet]ing] each day as the thing she had once dreaded, an empty page.”

Jamie R. - I really enjoyed this well written story and look forward to more from this author.

Women Using Words
This is one twisty-turny, hard-to-put-down, roller-coaster ride. From the start, the narrative pulls readers in and doesn’t let go.

Chelcy W. - This was such an interesting story with complex character development. I really enjoyed the plot and found the main character to be very interesting and engaging as the story progressed.

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