Shanghai Murder

by Jessie Chandler

Shay O’Hanlon and her team of friendly misfits travel from Minnesota to Portland to attend the annual Big on Beans Convention—in search of a new joe for Shay’s café. The crew is poised to spend the weekend flying high on Voodoo Doughnuts and a surplus of caffeine. But bad java, stolen ammunition, and an overheard conversation throw all the fun right out of the Oregon Convention Center’s window.

Shay finds herself thrust into the middle of a deadly deal-gone-wrong, and soon she’s on the run through Portland’s underground Shanghai Tunnels.

Meanwhile, when Rocky’s wife, Tulip, disappears while checking out Witch’s Castle, Mom-to-all Eddy must shake off her lethargy and do something before Tulip is toast.

Shay knows that the differences between life and death are a very fine line. For Tulip, Shay, and a little girl named Lira, that fine line couldn’t be any thinner.

Book 6 in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series.





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Genre Mystery
Length 230 pages
Publication Date May 16, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475197e
Editor Ann Roberts



"Shanghai Murder, the follow up to Blood Money Murder in my Shay O'Hanlon Caper Series, has been in the works for what feels like an eon. I'm forking ecstatic it's finally going to see the light of day! Initially, when I learned Portland, Oregon had tunnels beneath the city, I knew I had to do something with them in a book. That kind of urban exploration absolutely draws me in like a magnet. I've stuck lots of old, abandoned, creepy locations into a number of my books, and I just rub my hands together in delight. When I do this, I most often use something real, which either is still around or did exist but no longer does. Bingo Barge Murder had a floating bingo hall, Hide and Snake Murder featured the defunct and now razed Columbia Heights Arena where The Mighty Ducks movie was filmed, Chip off the Ice Block Murder involved an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Blood Money Murder involved Shay and her sister Lisa kidnapped and held in a dark, cobweb-filled cellar beneath a rickety old house and when they escaped they were so hungry they tried to eat mummified peanuts in an old mercantile museum. With Shanghai Murder, I explored Portland's Shanghai tunnels, both in real life and in the book."

—Jessie Chandler

Read more about Jessie's thoughts on Shanghai Murder at Author’s Corner Blog.


Kathryn M. - This was another winner in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series…Jessie Chandler has a great writing style and was glad I got to read this.

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