Last Barrel

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Dax and Rose live the high life at the Foster House, running the poshest speakeasy on the West Coast. Half Moon Bay is about to claim its place as the top tourist destination in Northern California, and Dax and Rose see all their hopes and dreams ahead of them.

But when their nemesis Roy Wilkes becomes the new county sheriff, it’s clear that he’s hellbent on revenge and both Dax and Rose are dead center in his crosshairs. With no one close to them safe, the women must leverage every resource to protect the people they love.

How high is the price for beating Wilkes at his own game? Who will survive to open the last barrel?

Last Barrel is the third book in the Speakeasy Series.





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Genre Historical, Romance
Length 292 pages
Publication Date March 14, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475203e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"Last Barrel picks up Dax and Rose’s journey navigating the illegal speakeasy business and the fractured relationship between Dax and her best friend, Charlie, three years after Whiskey War. This bittersweet book dives deeper into the supporting cast, testing each one’s quiet inner strength.

Grace Parsons fans will love this story. I remember falling madly in love with Grace while writing the first book in the series, Devil’s Slide, and I knew then that she deserved a deeper storyline. In this book, Grace faces her greatest challenge and comes out the other side stronger. Others around her will learn what they’re made of by the time they crack open the last barrel of illegal whiskey.

It’s been a pleasure bringing the Speakeasy world to you. On behalf of Dax, Rose, May, Hank, Grace, Clive, Charlie, Jules, and Brutus, I thank you for reading and witnessing their journey. This book…this series…is a testament to an undeniable set of facts: women are resilient and can accomplish anything when they band together."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


The Lesbian Review
The author uses the era beautifully, with challenging communication and transportation, to a real cultural threat for all the couples. Bringing in characters who featured in the previous books in the series also gives the book a deeper feeling of history, and cleared up several lingering unresolved issues. Not having read the first two books won’t deter from enjoying this one because the author seamlessly supplies lots of backstory throughout.

Henrietta B. - If you love history and want to know more about the prohibition era grab this book, a good glass of liqueur and enjoy.

Women Using Words
If you are looking for a captivating historical romance, then the Speakeasy Series by Stacy Lynn Miller will not disappoint. Last Barrel, the latest addition, is full of engaging, page turning intrigue. Its vivid portrayal of love during the Prohibition’s speakeasy culture is a delight. It captures the period perfectly. This tale of women righting wrongs and selling whiskey should not be missed.

Bonnie K. - This is an amazing conclusion to the series. it was well written. The characters are strong and well developed. This was packed full of drama and action.

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