Here Come the Brides

by Micheala Lynn

Dr. Alexandra Hartway may be facing the biggest challenge of her life. She is getting married. She has spent the past several years battling the Covid pandemic as an ER doctor and everything is just beginning to get back to normal. And what better way to share that new normality than with Jess Bolderson, the love of her life?

Jess Bolderson never thought she’d find love, let alone get married. Trapped in a wheelchair since a teenager, Jess figured romance and marriage weren’t for her. But Alex has changed her mind. With Alex, there is no reason she can’t have what others have. And with a loving and supportive family, what could possibly go wrong?

However, planning a wedding is harder than either could have ever imagined. There are so many decisions to make that both are quickly overwhelmed. The wedding planning is overtaking all aspects of their lives. Adding to the stress, Alex has to deal with increasing abusive patients in the ER, a legacy of the pandemic that is still being felt after all this time. As things start to go wrong and the stress begins to take a toll, their big day seems to be in jeopardy. Can they save not only their wedding but their love before it’s too late? Hopefully both can realize that they are sure to find their happily ever after, as long as they make it to “I do.”



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Genre Romance
Publication Date April 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475326e

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