The Advice Columnist

by Cade Haddock Strong

Lydia Swann is floating on cloud nine. She’s secured the highly coveted role of advice columnist at the Washington Post. Landing her dream job not only propels her career but also brings her a step closer to buying a house with her girlfriend.

However, the euphoria is short-lived. Her girlfriend dumps her, and to compound matters, Lydia finds herself grappling with a series of cryptic and ominous letters from a disgruntled reader.

Suddenly single, Lydia embarks on a quest to answer a pressing question: How can she elevate herself to prime girlfriend material? But just as she delves into matters of the heart, a more sinister challenge arises. Could the mysterious letters she receives at the Post hold the key to unmasking the serial killer haunting Washington, DC?

In a race against time, Lydia must decipher the messages before she becomes the target of the murderer’s wrath.

In a gripping tale of love, mystery, and danger, Lydia Swann must navigate the complexities of her personal life and unveil the truth that could save her from the clutches of a relentless killer.



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Genre Romantic Suspense
Publication Date May 16, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475333e

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