She Met Her By the Sea

by Hannah Safren

In the bustling city that never sleeps, Emily Brynn seems to have it all -wealth, success, and a glamorous social life. But at 37, she has come to a pivotal crossroad. Does she want this power? Or does she want something more meaningful?

It’s time to find out. She is leaving New York City. She is quitting the family business and she is off to the coast of North Carolina

As Emily settles into her serene new beach town, she crosses paths with the impressive Sara Dylan. Sara is juggling a thriving Interior Design Company, a move, and two daughters, while navigating the turbulent waters of divorce.

Sara has never been drawn to women before, but there is something undeniable about Emily Brynn. Through Sara’s exploration of her heart and Emily’s newfound freedom, the two rediscover the simple joys of an easy morning, a boisterous laugh, and the magic of falling in love.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date July 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475432e

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