Under New Management

by Cheri Ritz

Following her father’s retirement, Gabi D’Angelo’s culinary career is about to take off as she steps up to lead her family’s restaurant. But her professional life heats up in more ways than one when she discovers that her recent, unforgettable one-night stand is none other than Ainsley Becker, the management consultant her father has brought in to streamline the business.

For Ainsley, the job in town is just another stepping stone, adhering to her lifelong mantra of ‘get in, get out’. Setting down roots has never been part of her plan, not even for someone as compelling as Gabi. Despite their intense connection, Ainsley is determined to keep it strictly professional.

As Gabi and Ainsley navigate their burgeoning feelings and clash over how to run the restaurant, a misunderstanding threatens to ruin everything. With the future of the D’Angelo family business at stake, Gabi and Ainsley must decide if blending business with pleasure might just be the secret ingredient to saving it all—or simply a recipe for disaster.





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Genre Romance
Length 216 pages
Publication Date July 18, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475692e
Editor Cath Walker



"Under New Management is one hundred percent a story of the romance between the main characters, but it’s also at its heart a love letter to Pittsburgh. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania my whole life, but it wasn’t until I met my wife—a true Pittsburgh gal through and through—that I really came to appreciate what a great city it is. We have a rich history with our steel mills, strong work ethic, and can-do attitude. We have great sports teams, museums, and Kennywood—one of the country's oldest amusement parks. We have Point State Park, forged by the three rivers (can you say Monongahela?), KDKA—the world’s first radio station, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and two functioning inclines. And you might not know this, but Pittsburgh has an amazing foodie culture all its own. We put french fries on our salads and refuse to use a ketchup without Heinz on the label. We have Primanti Bros., Pamela’s Diner, Oakmont Bakery, Iron City Beer, and Turner’s Iced Tea. There’s something here for everyone. But above all else, Pittsburgh is the home of some wonderful neighbors, and Pittsburgh pride is a real vibe. It’s that feeling that I wanted to capture as the backdrop for Gabi and Ainsley’s story, and I hope yinz get a real sense of what my hometown is all about."

—Cheri Ritz


Leane - There are some twists and reveals that added complexity to our main character's journey... because the path to love never runs smoothly! Overall, this was a fun and feelgood story that also included some amazing sounding Italian dishes. Be prepared to feel hungry!

Shannon L. - Good read. The mid-book complication is foreshadowed, and the book is fun and has good sexy bits. I liked the cast, and there's a good mix of romance and drama.

Jasmine S. - I liked the neighborhood feel of the story, and even the side characters were vibrant. I thought I knew where the story was going, but I was still surprised by the twist. I definitely recommend if you want a lighthearted foody romance. And now I'm craving Italian food...

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