Stone Cold Secrets

by Nance Newman

Second Chances and new beginnings can be exciting, unless it’s for all the wrong reasons. MaryEllen Montgomery made a huge mistake that resulted in the loss of her job at Stanton University. Disastrous after affects included her wife, Addy having to leave her coveted position as top interior decorator to the rich, selling their prestigious town home and finally, total abandonment of the life they had build in upscale San Francisco. Their only recourse was to head to the one college that would hire Mary Ellen. There, she would get her second chance and with her wife, they would start all over again in a small town in rural New York.

The couple hire a contractor, Amelia who shows up one day with a passion to help them refurbish the historic stone house they purchased to begin again. They try not only to rebuild their new home, but also their lives despite the walls that keep falling down around them. You see, sometimes it doesn’t matter how far you go because your past will still follow you, and Mary Ellen’s is a steam roller chasing after them. It begins with her inamorata disappearing in San Francisco. Soon, it becomes a suicide/murder investigation.

Yes, there is love in the stone house, but it needs to be sorted. Mary Ellen can’t seem to break old habits. Addy finds herself turning to Amelia for solace who becomes lost in her feelings for Addy and finding the truth. Without even realizing what is happening, the three women will test the bonds of love with threads of lies, secrets and murder.



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Genre Thriller
Publication Date September 12, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475845e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso

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