A New Leash on Love

by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger

Shawn McCoy is the friendliest strong and silent type you’ll ever meet. She’s perfected being exactly what everyone else needs, from running the family cupcake shop to volunteer firefighting. Doing things for others is so much easier—not to mention safer—than wading into her own wants.

Kit Grainger is plenty strong, but there’s nothing silent about her. When the home renovation show that was supposed to be her big break ends with a bust, she’s forced to return to Rocky Springs and take a job working for her dad and overbearing brother. With the holiday season gearing up in a family that loves Christmas, it’s all about biding her time and planning her next move.

Kit’s next move wasn’t supposed to be a puppy—and certainly not one that is out of control. When the new puppy crashes into Shawn at the dog park, Kit worries she’s in over her head. But Shawn loves dogs and is only too happy to help.

For two people who seem to have nothing in common, Kit and Shawn find themselves around each other a lot as the Colorado winter sets in. Will the holidays bring good cheer or unexpected heartache?



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Genre Romance
Publication Date November 14, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475869e

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