Whispers in the Stacks

From pragmatic librarians finding unexpected connections to visitors discovering more than just books, Whispers in the Stacks: An Anthology of Library Love Stories explores love in quiet corners and among towering bookshelves. Whether it’s the charm of a late-night study session turning into a subtle flirtation, or a librarian uncovering a spy lurking between the stacks, this anthology proves that even in the most orderly places, romance can write its own unpredictable story.

Stories from:
Jessie Chandler, Venetia Di Pierro, Nicole Gustafson, Kat Jackson, Heather Rose Jones, Karin Kallmaker, RJ Layer, Micheala Lynn, Catherine Maiorisi, Nance Newman, TJ O’Shea, Melissa Price, Tracey Richardson, and Laina Villeneuve.



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Genre Anthology, Romance
Publication Date July 11, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475937e
Editor M.J. Lowe

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