Staying the Course

by Rebecca K. Jones

Life for Tucson prosecutor Mack Wilson is finally getting back to normal. She has a new girlfriend, Beth Shankar, and is reunited with her best friend Jess Lafayette in the Homicide Unit. Amid the swirling political current of the District Attorney’s reelection bid, Mack gets called out to the scene of a brutal homicide: the victim, Amanda Wagner, is pregnant, and it quickly becomes clear that there are two main suspects, men she has been dating, both identified in her phone under pseudonyms.

Meanwhile, Mack gears up for trial against Liam Ferguson, charged with sexually abusing his daughter Daisy for many years and eventually killing the baby born of the abuse. Ferguson chooses to represent himself, adding to Mack’s stress and drive to get justice for Daisy and her baby.

Against this background, Mack’s estranged father Marcus appears on her doorstep one night. Mack struggles to understand why he has come to Tucson and whether she wants to mend fences. Will Mack be able to balance the competing interests of family, new love, and her all-consuming career without sacrificing who she really is? Only time will tell.



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Genre Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date September 12, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475944e

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