by Gerri Hill

When six childhood friends get together for their annual girl’s weekend at the beach in Port Aransas, none could have believed it would be for the very last time.

Nina Evans had been saddled with organizing the weekend each year, pulling five of her oldest friends together for a few nights of fun and reminiscing, the one time a year they saw each other. Each year was much the same—laughter, dancing, and lots of drinking. This time was no different. That is, until Jones walked out of the dance club with a stranger.

Detective Quinn Stewart spends her days on Beach Patrol, living simply on the island after getting burned out on crime and booze while working in Corpus Christi. The pace was slower, murder was rare, and she lived stress-free. That changed on a Friday night in late May.

When the women leave and head back to their homes and families, Nina is left to deal with Jones’ death alone. She finds herself drawn to the detective as details emerge on the double life Jones led, making Nina realize, despite a lifelong friendship, she never really knew Jones.

As the case unravels, Nina finds herself embroiled in the middle of it. The one constant—Quinn Stewart’s unwavering commitment to finding the truth…and keeping her safe.



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Genre Mystery, Romance
Publication Date September 12, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642475982e

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