Merry Weihnachten

by E. J. Noyes

Evangeline Phillips isn’t exactly a Grinch, but being estranged from her parents means Christmas is just another day for her. But when Evie meets her new neighbor—her hot, kind, and blessed-with-the-sexiest-accent-Evie-has-ever-heard neighbor—she thinks it might be just the thing to help her get past the holiday season.

Annika Mayer isn’t really running away. But when there’s a job opening in the United States, it seems like the perfect time to leave Germany and start fresh, even if it’s only temporary. It’s just a pity that she’s missing out on the most important holiday: Christmas with her family. Fortunately, Annika’s cute new neighbor is exactly the distraction she needs.

As their friendship and flirtation builds, Evie and Annika decide on an American-German Christmas mesh-up—they’ll share their Christmas traditions and make it through the season together. And as they plan their “Merry Weihnachten,” that flirtation starts to build into something more. But with so much standing between them and forever, Evie and Annika realize they might not get their gift-wrapped happy ending after all.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date December 12, 2024
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642476101e

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