High October

by Elena Graf

Is 40 years too long to wait for the one you love? Liz Stolz and Maggie Fitzgerald were college roommates until Maggie confessed to her parents that she was in love with a woman. Maggie gave up her dream of becoming an actress and married her high school boyfriend. Liz became a famous breast surgeon. Maggie is performing in a summer stock production near the Maine town where Liz is now a general practitioner. When Maggie breaks her leg in a stage accident, she lands in Dr. Stolz’s office.Liz welcomes Maggie into her home and cares for her while her leg heals. After a few days, it becomes clear that the old flame still burns, but the pain and guilt from the past keep them apart. A camping trip in Acadia during High October changes everything.

Hobbs Series Book 1.



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Genre Romance
Length 300 pages
Publication Date October 15, 2019
Publisher Purple Hand Press
ISBN 9781733449205

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