by Susan X Meagher

X is the twenty-fourth book of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Time has started to move faster, with three years having passed in the blink of an eye.

Jamie has used the time well, managing a gut-renovation on a Victorian charmer just a block away. They’re just a few months from being able to move in, finally getting out of the basement of the O’Flaherty homestead, possibly the last place she could have imagined herself living before she met the woman of her dreams. But soon they’ll be ensconced in their own home, and she’s so excited about living above ground that she’s giddy.

Ryan’s been chipping away at her dissertation, while working nearly full-time with O’Flaherty Cousins. By the time she has her Ph.D. she will be a pretty competent plasterer, with a minor in drywall hanging. Not exactly the path she thought she’d be on, but she’s finally come to accept that she’s a happier person when she lets life happen.

But even a laid-back Ryan is not a Ryan without plans, and she’s been nipping at Jamie’s heels on a routine basis, certain now is the time to start their family.

Jamie’s not exactly opposed, but she knows that once they go down that path their alone-time will be a thing of the past. Since it’s hard to get and keep Ryan’s attention now, how could she have more of it when they’re juggling a baby’s constant needs?

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Series Book 24.





Genre Romance
Length 468 pages
Publication Date December 5, 2021
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9781734303827e
Editor Catriona Bennington
Cover Designer Carolyn Norman

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