Warriors of Isis

by Jean Stewart

Fans of Return to Isis and Isis Rising will relish the third book in this memorable series. Whit, Kali, Lilith, and company return in another lusty tale of high adventure and passionate romance among the Freeland Warriors. The evil sorceress, Arinna Sojourner, has evaded capture and now threatens the very survival of the new colony of Isis. As Whit and Kali, prepare to do battle with a seemingly unbeatable foe, Danu makes her own plans to avenge a beloved friend’s death at Arinna’s hands. Eventually, high in the Cascade Mountains, they will face Arrina’s terrifying magical powers.

Once again, Stewart weaves a rich tapestry of an all-women’s society in the twenty-first century, bursting with life—lovers, villains, heroines, and a peril so great it forges a bond between all the diverse women of this unforgettable place called Isis.



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Genre Fantasy
Length 256 pages
Publication Date January 1, 1995
ISBN 9781883061036
Editor Alice Frier & Lee Boojamra




Lambda Book Report
Karen Shoffner: ...Women of Isis have faced tremendous hardship before and have triumphed, but this time, Stewart has given them their most formidable opponent yet: a woman they had thought was one of their own.

Lambda Literary Awards
Warriors of Isis - Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction.

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