Liberty Square

by Katherine V. Forrest

For LAPD Homicide Detective Kate Delafield, Washington DC is the last place on earth she wants to be. But, thanks to her partner’s machinations, here she is.

Driven by insatiable curiosity about a past Kate has adamantly refused to share, Aimee has maneuvered her into attending what Aimee views as an innocuous reunion of the men and women with whom Kate served as a Marine Corps officer in Vietnam twenty-five years ago.

The past resurfaces with a vengeance. First, shots are fired into their hotel room. Then a savage murder is committed by someone attending the reunion. Kate finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation in a city where she has no jurisdiction, confronted by detectives who view her with contentious suspicion. And Aimee learns to her consternation that Kate has had very good reasons to hold her memories at bay. Shocking secrets emerge—among them the alluring Rachel, who has now, thanks to Aimee, reentered Kate’s life.

In unknown and hostile terrain, Kate must find a way through her tumultuous emotions, must use all her training and resourcefulness to protect herself and Aimee from the lethal danger gathering all around them.

A Kate Delafield Mystery Series Book 5.

irst Published by Berkley Prime Crime 1996.





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Genre Mystery
Length 208 pages
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523664e
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Part of the Kate Delafield Mystery Series, looking deeply into Kate's shrouded past.
  • The Kate Delafield Mysteries have won three Lambda Literary Awards.
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Lambda Literary Foundation
Liberty Square: Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery.

Lambda Book Report
Jeannine DeLombard - September, 1996: Mystery writer Katherine V. Forrest once speculated that suspense fiction is so popular among gay men and lesbians, because they "are so often mysteries to themselves." Forrest's latest book, Liberty Square, her fifth featuring lesbian L.A.P.D. homicide detective and former Marine Kate Delafield, is fascinating precisely because it probes the mysteries of Delafield's past even as Kate herself attempts to solve the murder that disrupts her trip to Washington D.C...

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