Vera's Still Point

by Ruth Perkinson

Vera Curran is in love with her own repression. She’s a forty-year-old Republican lesbian librarian from a rural county in Virginia who gladly sustains her life by doing the same insipid routine day in and day out. She wakes up, treks through her shelving in the 900’s days, and puts milk bones out for the dog each night before curling up to read a book and watch the world through her window.

Vera hasn’t had sex in years…and has forgotten exactly why. Then out of nowhere there is a new member of the faculty—Frankie Bourdon—an ex-Navy pilot who left the military to teach high school and to try and change the public school’s curriculum by adding homosexual sex education. Before you know it, the two begin to forge a relationship that begins on a simple sticky note. Soon Vera is reminded of exactly what it is that she has been missing in life…



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Genre General Fiction
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523732
Editor Katherine V. Forrest


  • Ruth Perkinson's debut novel focuses on love and the magic it brings into life. Not a romance, but a deep and abiding love story.
  • A book that you read from the inside of your heart and leaves you drained, yet reassured, that there's always a future no matter how painful the past.


Just About Write
October, 2007: It would be expected that Vera, after so many years of cutting her emotions off and then finally discovering the deep joy that love can bring, would become bitter when it's taken away too soon or that she would retreat to her former behavior. Neither of those happens however and the book makes a powerful statement about drawing strength from the past to face the future. Vera's Still Point is a thoughtful book told with humor and insight. While it tells a love story, it will also lead the reader into reevaluating life and what really matters. Hopefully, it will lead the readers to also be more aware and appreciative of the still points that they personally experience and the people who help to cause them.

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