Piper's Someday

by Ruth Perkinson

It seemed as though life couldn’t get any worse for feisty, young Piper Leigh Cliff and her three-legged dog, Someday.

After losing her parents and brother in a drunk driving accident, she and her dog are forced to live in what she calls the “grossest looking apartment complex” in Goochland County, Virginia. Soon after, she begins to deal with even more trauma as she’s swept up in a maelstrom that includes her grandfather and his cross-eyed lackey friend, Clover—two old rednecks in love with booze, Nascar, and jaunts to the local bar. Left alone to fend for herself, Piper passes the time by shooting basketball, hanging out at her fort, and smoking stolen cigarettes from her grandfather.

Piper’s luck begins to change, however, when two women move in just three doors down. The trio soon forge a relationship, despite all the warnings from Piper’s grandfather.

Then, when someone attempts to have his way with Piper, the wheels of fate go into motion, leading everyone to the county pound, juvenile domestic court, and a revelation that will change the course of Piper’s life forever. Through this, the lessons of shame, guilt, and what it means to be loyal resound in the most unexpected ways.

When Piper’s own Amber Alert goes off, Lord only knows what will happen next.





Genre General Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523879e


  • Piper, with her three-legged dog Someday, is the lesbian Scout we've been waiting for. You won't forget this endearing story.


V Magazine

In Piper's Someday… Ruth Perkinson has created a character reminiscent of—and as believably and likeably portrayed—as the classic literary tomboys before her…

Just About Write

Lynne Pierce - April, 2008: The statement of purpose on Spinsters Ink's web home page contains this sentence: These are the books that recognize our commonality, celebrate our diversity, and honor our strength in the face of adversity. That description certainly applies to Piper's Someday by Ruth Perkinson, which represents another lesbian novel that departs from the standard formula to tell an engaging story... Piper's Someday touches on a number of issues from today's society "“ child neglect and abuse, discrimination against lesbians and gays and the inability of courts and governments to solve many societal problems properly. Piper shouldn't be perceived as a victim though. She's a tough little kid who has learned to survive in terrible conditions and that she is still open to relationships of any kind speaks to the strength of her personality. Someday may only have three good legs, but she has the courage to come to Piper's rescue at one point and possesses an innate understanding of the child.


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