The Venus Vendetta

by Rose Pry

Virginia: 1972. A religious cult saves Reggie, age six, and Jazz, age four, by kidnapping them from their hippie parents. The two finally escape, with young Reggie wreaking a terrible vengeance.

Las Vegas: 1999. Reggie befriends Gillian Waters, a writer of suspense fiction who is lost in mourning the death of her partner.

When Reggie vanishes, leaving a mysterious trail of clues hinting she may be in jeopardy, Gillian joins with Jazz in pursuit of her, enlisting private investigator Rachel Bracken. They discover that Reggie is enmeshed with an online organization called Poetic Justice–women united by common scars of childhood sexual abuse who have set a plan in motion for retribution.

Their plan is of the utmost intricacy, global in its reach, urgent in its ambition, lethal in its risks, unfolding with speed and diabolical cunning–and Reggie is in great danger. One of the targets is a famous televangelist with a deeply held secret reaching into the dark past of Reggie and Jazz, a man well-protected against any threat to himself and to his empire, including Reggie and the Venus Vendetta.

The Venus Vendetta is a mystery-thriller you won’t be able to put down.





Genre Mystery, Thriller
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523985e



Just About Write
Lynne Pierce - October 2009: This is a thoughtful, well-crafted story that doesn't make light reading. The reader will have to concentrate on the story and contemplate about what it is saying but should feel that it was worth it in the end. For those readers who say they are looking for a "meatier" story, The Venus Vendetta is the book.

R. Lynne - May, 2009: Edited by Katherine V. Forrest, The Venus Vendetta tells a story with an intricate plot that spans the globe. This is a gripping, page-turning read.

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