Desert Blooms

by Dannie Marsden

Luce’s story continues in DESERT BLOOMS…

When we last met Luce Velazquez in Desert Heat, she went through hell and back to salvage her soul and reputation. Hoping to get her life back on track with lover Beth Ryan, a woman who understands her pain and can relate on every level. Instead, Luce is in the hospital and Beth in protective custody.

Jessica Sullivan, Luce’s friend and ex, has big doubts about the sincerity of Beth’s love, and is in no hurry to release her from custody.

Can Luce’s new found happiness last, or is Jessica correct in her doubts?

A heart stopping romance that will fill you with the wonder of friendship, anger of betrayal, and the everlasting vision of love.

Luce Velazquez Learning to Live Again Series



Genre Suspense
Length 207 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2014
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781927282847e
Editor Ruth Stanley
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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