Once Upon a Time

by Alane Hotchkin

Many centuries before the birth of King Theos, a vision came to the royal seer. That vision that one day a warlord would rule the lands until “She” came to claim what was rightfully hers turned to legend. Unknown to King Theos his daughter’s destiny was sealed the day she was born.

Sometimes it’s heavenly to be a princess and apple of her father’s eye. Princess Kataryna was raised from birth by her father, King Theos, to one day be queen and rule over Pavlone. When she turned fifteen the princess had no idea that the Fates would start her on the path of her destiny. She rode into the meadow of wildflowers thinking it was an ordinary day and it truly had been so until the dark rider came upon her.

Raven only wanted to escape the blows life had dealt her. She dreamed of being on the open sea and free. Free to do as she pleased without any other being trying to take from her the last shreds of dignity she still had or her freedom. When she came upon a beautiful young girl sitting alone on a rock in the middle of a meadow, she never knew those same Fates had plans for her as well.

Will each be the pawn of an ancient legend or be true to themselves? Or do both paths lead to the same port of destiny?



Genre Adventure, Romance
Length 173 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2015
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781927328002e
Editor Ruth Stanley
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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