The Chronicles of Ratha Book 1: Children of the Noorthi

by Erica Lawson

Jordana Laren is a hard-drinking, hard-fighting womanizer, who works as a freighter pilot in her spare time. Her latest customer drugs her, steals her ship, and abandons her on a desert hellhole called Rigeus, infamous penal planet for the worst women criminals.

Her chances of survival aren’t looking good. She has no food, water, or weapons, and the nearest bar is a million miles away. Just when she’s ready to write her last will and testament, Jordana is rescued by a group of barely-clad women. Has she found nirvana?

Her own personal harem seems like a possibility, until the intercession of their enemy, the Velkren. Their leader, Vel, remembers Jordana well, and not fondly. But why is Vel on this planet, surrounded by murderers, thieves, and bad-tempered bitches? Jordana knows Vel isn’t a prisoner, so why is her nemesis on Rigeus mining mud, of all things?

Jordana knows only one thing. She has to get off the planet before Vel kills her. Unfortunately, the women who saved her reveal themselves to be holy. They are the Noorthi, and Jordana’s dream of endless debauchery becomes a nightmare of eternal servitude. The Noorthi make her one of them, marking her with a wrist tattoo, and leaving her no choice but to protect them with her life.

The last thing Jordana wants is to become involved in galactic politics or heroic actions. But the tattoo ochre in her body is suddenly giving her morals and scruples, not to mention a better vocabulary! And she really can’t pass up a chance to outwit Vel, whose megalomaniac plans are endangering not only the Noorthi, but the civilized galaxy itself.

But Jordana is torn. Does she stop Vel at all costs, or does she get out from under the thumb of the Noorthi while she can? Some things were never meant to be easy…

2nd Edition



Genre Romance, Fantasy
Length 283 pages
Publication Date November 1, 2014
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
Editor Andi Marquette and Nann Dunne
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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