The Comfort of Strangers

by Peggy J. Herring

This time her healing touch opened her heart to love.

Lela’s work was her passion . . . until now.

Lela’s work as a scientist and a healer always sustained her as she drifted from one relationship to another, never risking her heart. But when the stately blond warrior Alaric saves her life during an attack, Lela feels her soul stirring with a new passion. This aloof warrior woman touches Lela in ways that she never dreamed possible, all the while keeping her inner self locked away. As Lela tries to reach Alaric’s soul, it becomes obvious that another woman, Tavia, knows Alaric’s secrets. Yet the beautiful Tavia wants something from Lela, playing a game whose final outcome appears to hold the answer to Lela’s happiness.





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Genre Romance
Publication Date December 15, 2001
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513098e
Editor Lila Empson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Praise for Peggy Herring
Just About Write: Peggy Herring is an experienced and accomplished writer. She knows how to spin a tale and keep it moving to hold the reader's interest.

Alice B. Committee: Peggy Herring, Medalist for Body of Work

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