Clouds of War

by Diana Rivers

Women unite to defend Zelindar!

The Hadra have found refuge in Zelindar, the spectacular city they built by the sea. But the greed and jealousy of the powerful Zarns threaten Zelindar and the Hadra’s very existence.

Three untested women hold Zelindar’s fate in their hands: Noya, the young Hadra chosen to be councilor for Zelindar in a time of war; Amairi, the Shokarn highborn who escapes her husband’s violence to become a Wanderer; and Jolaina, the Koumairi peasant girl who becomes the Zarna’s lover and advisor, and, when her beloved is betrayed and overthrown, chooses the life of a warrior. Together they challenge the united power of the Zarns, determined to stop them from destroying Zelindar. No matter the cost.

Fourth book in the Hadra Series.



Genre Fantasy
Length 276
Publication Date March 15, 2002
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513128
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss

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