Midas Touch

by Frankie J. Jones

Running away led Sandra home.

Searching for her past, Sandra meets her future…

Everyone said Sandra Tate had it all. She ran the multi-million dollar corporation she’d built from scratch, drove a silver Jaguar, and lived in an elegant penthouse with her beautiful lover from an old Dallas society family. Everything she touched, it seemed, turned to gold.

Beneath the glamorous veneer, however, Sandra Tate viewed her life quite differently. At work, it seemed the corporation ran her and left little time for the architectural design work she truly loved. At home, she was consumed with self-doubt over a relationship that had gone stale years ago. Now that Sandra had made it to the top, the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks felt empty and powerless.

Forced to take a leave of absence from her business, Sandra found herself adrift until a mysterious letter from the past propelled her to search for her mother–the woman who abandoned her when she was a child. When the journey leads her to a small diner in San Antonio, Sandra lets go of her golden life and finally begins to live…

Frankie J. Jones is the best selling author of Room For Love, Captive Heart, Whispers in the Wind, and Rhythm Tide.



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Genre Romance
Length 194 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2002
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513210
Editor Greg Herren
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss

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