Recognition Factor

by Claire McNab

A faceless menace is poised to strike Los Angeles. Only one agent has seen his face and lived…

Red Wolf. Ruthless. Evil. Brilliant. And now Los Angeles is his next target.

Red Wolf, the notorious terrorist mastermind responsible for countless bombings, murders, and assassinations throughout the world has eluded the combined efforts of the intelligence agencies of the Western powers for years. A man so obsessed with secrecy that no photographs of him exist and only one intelligence agent has ever seen his face and lived to tell the tale: Australian Security Intelligence Organization Agent Denise Cleever.

At the official request of the United States government, Agent Cleever flies to the states to help hunt down this international monster. With her feet barely on foreign soil, the quick-witted Aussie agent is thrust into the desperate race to infiltrate an anti-government organization helping Red Wolf in his evil plan. The trail leads her to a glittering Beverly Hills mansion where death and betrayal can come at any moment…

The lives of millions depend on Denise stopping Red Wolf.

Even if the cost is her own life.

As she did with Murder Under Cover, Death Understood, and Out of Sight, Claire McNab again proves why she is the most popular writer of lesbian thrillers with this taut tale of espionage, murder, and betrayal.



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Genre Mystery
Length 168 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2003
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513241
Editor Greg Herren
Cover Designer Bonnie Liss

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