Frosting on the Cake

by Karin Kallmaker

Good books are like good desserts—satisfying and tasty. But who doesn’t want more whipped cream or another dollop of chocolate? “More” is exactly what Karin Kallmaker whips up in Frosting on the Cake. It’s a baker’s dozen of goodies featuring the characters that readers all over the world already know and love.

The menu is full of sweet, sexy stories inspired by her critically acclaimed and wildly popular bestsellers like Painted Moon, Wild Things, Touchwood, Unforgettable and more. Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too?

Karin Kallmaker is a three-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for both novels and short stories, as well as numerous other accolades over her twenty-year devotion to lesbian romance. Readers will also want to look for second helpings in Frosting on the Cake 2.

Originally published by Naiad Press 2001.



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Genre Romance, Anthology
Length 258
Publication Date October 15, 2001
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513401
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • Answers the burning question "What happened next?"
  • Familiar women you can fall in love with, all over again!
  • Extra "sprinkles" from the author about the inspirations for the novels and stories.
  • Don't miss the second volume of Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings.
  • Read the appetizer! Click to open a PDF in a new window.


Lambda Book Report
Carol Rosenfeld - June, 2001: When an author creates appealing characters, readers respond with the immortal words of Oliver Twist, "Please, sir, I want some more." Surly literati already in the throes of birthing their next masterpiece might sneer, "Let them eat cake," but Karin Kallmaker smiles and gives her fans not only cake but frosting too. Smooth frosting, flavored with wit plus a pinch or two of wisdom, and evenly spread—no thin spots. Kallmaker, "the undisputed Mistress of Lesbian Romance," a title this reviewer will not challenge, rewards the faithful... I started with "And Now a Word...or Two," and ate the whole thing, buttercream rose and all, savoring every bite.

Richard LaBonte - syndication: With Frosting on the Cake she's more than imaginative, she's cleverly inventive...

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