Inner Circle

by Claire McNab

Detective Inspector Carol Ashton is unaware that her investigation of execution-style murders and the bombing of a small-town police station has put her life in grave danger. The case leads her to the fringes of a mysterious underground group whose members are waging an undeclared war against anyone who does not share their extremist views.

Eighth in the Carol Ashton Series.

Originally published by Naiad Press 1996.





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Genre Mystery
Length 160 pages
Publication Date January 1, 1996
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781931513470e
Editor Lisa Epson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • The Eighth book in the Inspector Carol Ashton Series
  • By the same author as the Denise Cleever and Kylie Kendall mysteries
  • Claire McNab is a nine-time finalist for Lambda Literary Awards and author of over 60 novels.


The Lesbian Review
I was really excited to read about the various organizations that worked together to solve the case. Introducing other prominent characters into the story was wonderful and I love how this author tied everything in so well without losing focus of the main character. In addition, there was no lag at all in the story. It was pure action all the way through! This story will grip you from the first page and carry you through the opaque networks that Detective Inspector Carol Ashton has to navigate in order to solve the case. If you are indeed a fan of riveting mysteries and thrillers, then I heartily recommend this book to you!

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